While creating music and cinematic moods, I like to create my own palette using methods such as sampling, modular synthesis, patches and other things. Below, you can download some of the stuff that I have developed and there will be more to come.

Because they are released basically as they were used in the specific project, they may have some bugs here and there of which I am unaware so they’re all free of charge. But, if you do use them, I would appreciate it if you acknowledge my contribution and tag me in social media when you share your creations using @solidskillsy on Facebook and Instagram.



Linea’s Varidrone (download link) random synthesis synth programmed in Pure Data (Vanilla). Download Pure Data for free here. To incorporate it into your scoring template, you may need to use something like LoopMIDI to send the MIDI info from your DAW to Pure Data.

More to come! Stay tuned πŸ˜‰