clients. (examples)

Inga-Marie Nesmann-Aas


AV media productions (examples).

Speaking classical
(2022, in prod.), online series
full production
Immersing in “Dido’s Lament” (2022, in prod.), Research short film
Video recording, -editing and colour grading. Location sound, sound editing and re-recording mix
(2022), trailer
original music, score mixer
Budo girls
(in prod.), trailer
re-recording mixer, sound and dialogue editing, sound design
(2021), vlog
animation and original music
(2017), documentary
additional music and cast (feast musician)

audio—full albums.

audio—singles and EPs.

NØRD — “Call My Name”

Mixing engineer: Eric Pettersen

Mastering engineer: Robin Rolfhamre for solidskillsy.

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just for fun projects. 😉

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