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Nordic, British- and Hollywood styles cinematic film, TV, documentary, video, library & game music in mono, 2.0, 4.0, 5.0, 5.1 and/or binaural ambisonics (first or higher order) formats

Robin Rolfhamre—composer, conductor, performer, music producer, mixing engineer, musicologist

solidskillsy. company sound logo composed by Robin Rolfhamre; stock video from Videvo.net

Robin Rolfhamre

CEO solidskillsy. by Robin Rolfhamre, PhD, Professor of Music Education at the University of Agder


solidskillsy. by Robin Rolfhamre (formerly Rolfhamre Productions) is run by Robin Rolfhamre.

Former teacher of sound and music production at the Noroff Vocational School in Kristiansand, Robin Rolfhamre (PhD) is now Full Professor of Music Education at the University of Agder, where he teaches and supervises musicology and music performance (lute instruments and classical guitar) primarily at Masters and PhD levels. His research is rooted in Music Pedagogy, Early Music Performance Studies, and Organology. He is the author of the Open Access monograph Informed Play: Approaching a Biology and Concept of Early Modern Lute Instruments (Norway: Cappelen Damm Akademisk/NOASP, 2018) and has published articles in international, peer-reviewed journals. He was awarded the Agder Academy of Sciences and Letters’s Research Prize for Young Researchers in 2016 and was elected full member of the same academy in 2018. As a performer, he has released several full albums and has performed concerts worldwide. His compositions has been performed Kristiansand Symphony Orchestra, The Swedish Wind Ensemble, Duo Gelland and others. Festivals featuring Robins music includes Stockholm new music festival 2005, Ultima contemporary music festival 2005, Geiger festival 2008, and Internasjonale kirkefestspill Kristiansand 2009. He was also appointed conductor for the Norwegian Flute Ensemble between 2010–2015.

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Robin Rolfhamre

e-mail: info@solidskillsy.com


Robin is always available for a talk about your production and he works remotely as well. Don’t hesitate in reaching out.

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mission & vision.

Making music has never been easier and more accessible. To stand out from the crowd and make your product or film identifiable and enticing, you need some solid skills. I offer high quality online services in sound and music production to facilitate for you and to make your product shine to your target audience where they meet your product. First impressions are important!

I want to help you gain that special impact that conveys the essence of what you wish to offer.

Specialising in filmmusic, online media and product development, I offer three main types of services depending on your budget, need and available production team.

This means that we can find a solution for most budgets, from really large to really small; hours of music and sound or just half a second; finalised sound file to synchronise or a full score and parts to be performed or recorded.

working with me.

I stand for pragmatic, cost-efficient and transparent services. My values are centred on honesty, transparency, reliability and quality. One of my super powers is ASD, which means attention to detail, integrity, high focus and out of the box thinking from a geek with a sincere passion and a solid toolbox.

To give you what you need in the simplest way, my work is mostly based on in-the-box solutions and online communications (e.g. e-mail and video-conferencing). In addition to gaining worldwide reach and costumer contact, it also reduces transport emissions to promote a more eco-friendly industry (which is a win-win). Moreover, when most of our communication is in writing, it is easier to keep track of our collaborative decisions and progress.

typical services.

includes, but is not limited to:

  • Film scoring for features, shorts, documentaries, commercials, Social Media, TV, gaming and more—from the minimalistic, intimate to the epic; live recordings or in the box programmed orchestras with high-end tools. I am also a conductor.
  • Mixing, sound engineering and producing most genres, but specialises in film scores, sound design, classical music and folk/native genres. I can also do dialog and sound editing.
  • Audio concept development and branding with an optional audio style guide (aka. audio design template/document)
  • Cinematic sound logos for influencers, Youtubers and other content creators
  • Industrial presentations (e.g. CAD, 2D/3D visualisations, stand presentations, conference/pitch/presentation introductions) with a cinematic feel
  • I also offer my services within Industrial product design (e.g. system sounds for smart-tech and other sound-enriched consumer products)

solidskillsy by Robin Rolfhamre (short: solidskillsy.) is a one man company registered in Norway (Reg. No. 992 214 945).

The performance rights for my registered musical works are managed and controlled by the Norwegian PRO TONO.

Synchronisation/licensing for my readymade or commissioned works are either managed by the NCB or by myself depending on the format and service, usually following NCB’s Norwegian rates.

My contributions should in industrial or commercial products, in general, be credited as “Robin Rolfhamre for solidskillsy.” For feature film, TV and game credits “Robin Rolfhamre” will suffice.

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