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Music, sound edit & mix for film, media and artists


Nordic, British- and Hollywood styles cinematic film, TV and media music composition, sound design and production. Sound and dialogue editing, score mixing, pre-dub and re-recording mixing. Artist mixing, producing and mastering services.

media composing | audio editing | mixing | mastering | bits and bobs

Robin Rolfhamre

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  • Still from "Immersing in Dido"
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solidskillsy by Robin Rolfhamre (short: solidskillsy.) is a one-man company registered in Norway (Reg. No. 992 214 945).

The performance rights for my registered musical works are managed and controlled by the Norwegian PRO TONO.

Synchronisation/licensing fees for my readymade or commissioned works are either managed by the NCB or by myself depending on the format and service, usually following NCB’s Norwegian rates. These rates come in addition to the quote we agree on.

My contributions should in industrial or commercial products, in general, be credited as “Robin Rolfhamre for solidskillsy.” For feature film, TV and game credits “Robin Rolfhamre” will suffice.

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