Kallet (in production)

Kallet (the Calling)

Material TBA

Title: Kallet (The Calling)

Media type: documentary feature

Director: Jonas Kiplesund

Writer: Jonas Kiplesund

Producer: Malene Oppheim

Synopsis: A documentary about a missionary who went to Ethiopia at the beginning of the 60s, and stayed through war, tumults and coup d’état. Today, Ottar Kiplesund is 82 years old and still revisits the country where he spent most of his adult life. Following the communist militia Derg’s coup d’état, the family was sent home, but Ottar stayed to keep the missionary base operative. He was there for the coup on emperor Haile Selassie, met with HRH King Olav of Norway during his state visit in 1966 and, today, two of his sons run a hospital in the capitol.

I contribute with: Composer, Mixing, Orchestrator

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