Kallet (in production)

Material TBA Title: Kallet (The Calling) Media type: documentary feature Director: Jonas Kiplesund Writer: Jonas Kiplesund Producer: Malene Oppheim Synopsis: A documentary about a missionary who went to Ethiopia at the beginning of the 60s, and stayed through war, tumults and coup d’état. Today, Ottar Kiplesund is 82 years old and still revisits the countryContinue reading “Kallet (in production)”

872 (in production)

Material TBA Title: 872 – The Fall of a Kingdom and the Birth of a Nation Media type: feature film Director: Rikard Amodei Writer: Ole Tellefsen Synopsis: 872 is an inspiring film following the incredible story of 3 kings in their fight against Harald Hairfair and his quest to unite Norway into one kingdom. IContinue reading “872 (in production)”

Speaking Classical (2023 in prod)

Title: Speaking classical Media type: online video lecture series Synopsis: 16 Ep (40-45 min each) intended for university course content. The series is a collaboration between the University of Agder and the Ignacy Jan Paderewski Academy of Music in Poznan Director: ROBIN ROLFHAMREWriters: LINDA CECILIE HALVORSEN, TERJE H. MATHISEN, KONRAD ØHRN, MARIAM KHARATYAN, JØRN EIVINDContinue reading “Speaking Classical (2023 in prod)”

Svartedauen (2017)

Title: Svartedauen Media type: Documentary feature film Synopsis: Norway is struck by the biggest epidemic in the national history. The black plague is ruthless. In less than two years, 60% of the population dies. How did common people experience the disease? Can we still hear the echo of the 600 year old disaster today? Directors:Continue reading “Svartedauen (2017)”

Budo girls (in prod.)

[No video available for public release yet] Title: Budo girls Media type: Trailer for a documentary feature Synopsis: StrikkeKroken is a podcast, mostly about knitting and wool. Director: Linn Obrestad Producer: Malene Oppheim Idea/Script: Linn Obrestad Camera: Linn Obrestad Funding: Sørnorsk Filmsenter, Stiftelsen Fritt Ord